Eternal Thebes

During the 8 campaigns in the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III in the West Bank, the Spanish-Egyptian archaeological mission has undertaken important discoveries such as those of gold jewelry and other beautiful objects found in funerary assemblages, foundation deposits, parts of statues and of stelae, lintels and many fragments of sandstone and limestone which show beautiful reliefs, some of which with polychrome, and interesting inscriptions.

The exhibit is opened to public since 12th of December 2015 in the Luxor Museum. It shows some of the most relevant masterpieces found until now.

This exhibition is divided in three areas that correspond to different historical periods: tombs of the Middle Kingdom, temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III and architectural ensemble of the reign of Ramesses II.

In addition to presenting pieces of great beauty and historical importance, one of the primary objectives is to show the great archaeological wealth contained in the site, with a necropolis of XIIth Dynasty, a temple of XVIIIth Dynasty and an architectural complex of XIXth Dynasty.

From the 12th of December on, these pieces can be seen by all visitors and tourists who want to enjoy the magnificent collection exhibited by the Luxor Museum.