Twelfth Archaeological Campaign 2019


On September 3rd, 2019, our twelfth archaeological field season has just begun at the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III.

Archaeologist Reyes Somé continues the excavations in the northwest area, at the tombs of the Late Period located outside the enclosure wall of the temple. In addition, the debris removal and excavation tasks will continue in a new area, “west of the enclosure wall” discovered during the last field season.

Also, archeologist Immaculada Delage continues to lead the archaeological works at the workshops and warehouses sector located in the northern section by the enclosure wall, an area that provided interesting materials on the operation and daily life of the temple. Simultaneously, archaeologist Manuel Abelleira continues with the excavations of the promontory located in the north-eastern exterior of the wall, where 29 graves have been located so far, dating from the end of the First Intermediate Period and the beginning of the Middle Kingdom.

Restorers Inés García and Inmaculada Lozano develop documentation, cataloging and preventive conservation processes of the materials discovered at the site.

The team members and related work at the temple will increase as the season progresses, whose overall objectives are as follows:

  • To complete excavations at the southern half of the second courtyard of the temple, where the eight Persea trees were planted in December 2017, continue to grow.

  • To continue the work at the northern part of the terrace, the above-mentioned area of warehouses and workshops of the temple, as well as in the area located in the northwest exterior of the enclosure wall.

  • To continue the archaeological tasks in the above-mentioned promontory area of the graves, located at the northeastern outer sector of the enclosure wall.

  • To fully explore a new area located outside the western enclosure wall. At the end of the 2018 season, a structure belonged to a tomb was identified and yet to be explored and dated.

  • To progress in the documentation and archiving works of fragments and objects found during previous seasons.

  • To progress in the restoration work of the different mud bricks structure on the site.

  • To investigate materials from various eras for subsequent publications in specialized international journals.

  • To continue studies on the immense amount of ceramic material discovered in the various excavated sectors.

  • To establish new parameters of anthropological research and diagnosis of diseases of individuals found in graves.

  • To address the study of the iconographic program of limestone reliefs.

  • And, to implement topographic works.

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