Eleventh Archaeological Campaign 2018


On October 1st, 2018 the 11th consecutive archaeological field season will begin at the site of the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III. Since the beginning, the project has not seized contributing interesting materials to Egyptian archaeology. During this season, the excavations will continue in some areas that were already opened during previous field seasons along with some new areas that will also be opened. Besides, the documentation work on materials will continue, as well as the restoration works, both on mudbrick structures and on the objects found on site. Consequently, progress will be made with the site management, intervening in some sectors that are already excavated and restored.

Concerning the mentioned areas, the main objectives of this field season will be focused on the followings:

  • To continue with excavation and restoration works on the western enclosure wall, to be able to complete the studies on the walls and make a historical assessment of the various stamps found on mudbricks.
  • To continue the reconstruction work of some architectural elements of the upper terrace.
  • To continue with the archaeological excavations at the stores and workshops sectors of the Temple located in the north, which is a priority area during this field season.
  • To proceed with the archaeological excavations at the necropolis of the XI Dynasty, located outside the north enclosure wall. So far, twenty-nine pit-graves have been located and there is still a large sector to be excavated, keeping in mind that some of the pit-graves had not been disturbed and have produced some interesting materials.
  • To continue with the archaeological excavations of the necropolis of the Late Period located outside the northwest corner of the enclosure wall. Excavations will begin on a new tomb found during the previous field season, and which has the consecutive number 27.
  • To resume the study on mummies and bones that have been found in various tombs, to increase the anthropological investigations of individuals found in various necropolises, to evaluate their habits, diseases and or eating habits.
  • To investigate the fragments of stelae and other objects found in the temple, as well as documenting the large amount of diverse materials of various kinds that were basically coming from tombs.
  • Continuing the topographical surveying works.

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