Second archaeological campaign 2009

The second archaeological campaign at the Mortuary Temple of Thutmosis III took place from the beginning of November until the middle of December 2009. As in the previous season, the campaign was funded by the Spanish petrol company CEPSA.
During this season, excavations continued on the main ramp, along with the investigations to reveal the façade of the containment wall of the Peristyle hall. The restoration and protection of the architectural features of the Second Court continued as well, while excavations in area of the Hypostyle hall were initiated.

A burial chamber was found under the floor of the chapel dedicated to the goddess Hathor. Based on preliminary dating of the fragments of four deteriorated wooden sarcophagi found inside the chamber, it is likely dates to the Middle Kingdom, or the Second Intermediate Period.
Excavations were extended into the First Court, and in the area of the entrance to the chapel of Hathor. Excavations continued at the Pylon, where the interior corners of both the north and south sides of the Pylon were located. Many fragments of decorated stone blocks originating from the door jamb of the Pylon were found during excavation.
Documentation and epigraphic work continued on various limestone and sandstone blocks originated from the temple walls. Inscribed fragments of statues were also found and documented during this campaign.