University of Granada - Researchers

asuncion-jodar-minarro2Asunción Jódar Miñarro. Degree and  Ph.D. in Fine Arts.

Full time Professor at the Drawing Department of the University of Granada (Spain).

Visual artist, she specializes in Drawing from  life and composition; her research is Drawing and cultural heritage. Since 2009 undertakes studies and research on the drawings of the pieces found in the various campaigns of this excavation.

In 2010 she exhibited, with Ricardo Marín-Viadel, at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo his drawings on the priests standard barriers of the Edfu temple.

In 2010 together with Dr. Myriam Seco organized the agreement between the University of Granada, the project ‘Excavation, restoration, conservation and enhancement of the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmose III’. And the ‘Universia Foundation’. The official agreement includes high level training activities for postgraduate students in Archeology and Fine Arts from the University of Granada, and Egyptian specialists in archeology from the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

ricardo-marin-viadel2Ricardo Marín Viadel. Bachelor of Fine Arts and  Ph.D. in Philosophy and Education.

University Full Professor at the Art Education Department of the University of Granada.

Visual artist. He specializes in art education, visual arts based research methodologies, and design and heritage. Since 2009 he makes photo series and photo essays to describe the successive campaigns of this excavation.

In february 2010 he exhibited, with Asunción Jódar, at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo his drawings on the standard barriers priests of the Edfu temple.

Since 2010 participated as a lecturer at seminars and high-level courses for professional training of the archeologist of the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt, which take place in Spain and Egypt, about photography and archeology.