University of Navarra

Sara Navaz

Sara Navaz Ayesa is currently in her third year in a bachelor´s degree in History and Diploma in Archaeology at University of Navarra where she is collaborating with the Ancient History Department.

Her training includes participation in different archaeological projects as Los Bañales in 2018 and 2019 (Uncastillo, Zaragoza); La Custodia in 2019 (Viana, Navarra) and Bargota in 2017 (Mañeru, Navarra). She has also collaborated with diverse activities organized by the department of Ancient History and Archaeology of the University of Navarra, where she was trained in archaeology lab tasks (95 hours). Among others seminars of History and Archaeology, she has attended to “El esplendor tebano. Presente y futuro del Yacimiento del templo de Millones de Años de Tutmosis III” in July 2018.

She is also trained in “Vector drawing in History and Archaelogy. Inkscape” (CEPOAT, 2019). She has a B2 in English, a B1 in Basque and currently studying German..