Mª de los Reyes Somé Salazar


She graduated in 2009 with a degree in Geography and History from the University of Seville.
She has completed several complementary courses and seminars, ranging from research into protohistoric ceramics to a study of the Silk Road, focusing mainly on the postgraduate course "Descriptive anatomy applied to archaeology" at the Anatomical Forensic Institute of Seville, and several courses on Hieroglyphic writing at the University of Seville.
Recently she has completed several courses on heritage and urban planning.

Reyes Somé has specialized in the study of ceramics from the protohistoric while collaborating in the excavations taking place in the Patio de Banderas in El Real Alcazar of Seville. She also took part in the excavation processes on this site.
As an archaeologist trainee, she was an integral part of " Dolmen de Cañada Real" excavation team (Los Molares), with whom she also participated in the interventions and studies that were carried out on the skeletal and faunal remains of "El Palomar" site from the protohistoric period, located in the same municipality.
She has also collaborated in several excavations such as "Iglesia Colegial de El Salvador" or "Mercado de la Encarnación" (both in Seville). Additionally, she worked on the "Fuente Nueva 3" site in Orce, Granada, as well as completing archaeological surveys in the provinces of Seville, Cádiz and Huelva. On an international level, she has carried out excavations in the medieval site of " Fosses Saint-Ursin" in Courseulles-sur-Mer, in Normandy.
Over the last few years, she has directed several excavations in Andalusia and Extremadura. Moreover, she has worked as part of the technical team in specialized interventions in the analysis of buildings and emerging structures, such as the one carried out in the Primitive House of the Jesuit Order in Utrera (Seville).
She has carried out material and skeletal remains studies, as well as collaborating in the restoration and enhancement of several monuments.

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