Manuel Abelleira




Manuel Abelleira Durán graduated in History from the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2012, specializing in Prehistory, Ancient History and Archaeology. In 2013 he obtained his Master in Archaeology from the Universities of Granada and Sevilla. During these years he has done internships at the University of Los Andes (Venezuela). He is currently doing his Doctoral Thesis on domestic space in the Iberian World as part of a Double International Ph.D in History and Arts (University of Granada) and in Anthropology (University of los Andes, Venezuela),  codirected by Andrés Adroher and Lino Meneses.


Manuel Abelleira Durán has specialized in the research of pre and protohistoric economic and Ancient World social formations. He has participated in archaeological excavations in different Spanish and foreign universities such as Bilbilis and Valdeherrera (University of Zaragoza), Los Bañales (UNED of Tudela); Cerro de la Encina (University of Granada); or Villa San Silvestro and The Sanctuary of Diana Nemorense (University of Perugia). Moreover, he has carried out cataloguing and laboratory training at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Instituto Padre Sarmiento) and at the University of Los Andes (Archaeological Museum).

In recent years, he has worked as professional archaeologist in the South of Maracaibo’s Lake (Venezuela); The Sanctuary of Diana (Italy) or in Cascia (Italy). He has also specialized in the quantification of pottery contexts, studying Venezuelan prehistorical (under Gladys Gordones’s leadership) and roman contexts (like technical assistant of Francesca Diosono in The Sangro Valley Project, University of Oxford).


Manuel Abelleira has carried out or participated in several scientific publications, among whose we may highlight the followings: 

  1. Abelleira, M. 2014. Origen, utilidad y límites teóricos de la cuantificación cerámica. Un aporte a la arqueología social latinoamericana. @rqueología y Territorio Nº 11. 153-169.
  2. Diosono, F. Abelleira, M. Nordlurd, A. and Stassy, S. 2016. Returning in villae of Central Internal Italy in Late Antiquity: the case of the kiln at Tornareccio, San Giovanni (Chieti) in TRADE-Transformations of Adriatic Europe (2th - 9th century). In press

He is currently working as technical assistant in the following projects: El Laderón (Manuel Moreno Alcaide, Director), Nemi Sanctuary of Diana (Paolo Braconi and Francesca Diosono). Finally, he collaborates with the quantitative research project of the cemetery of Mucuchíes, in Venezuela (Carlos García Sívoli, Director).