Ibrahim Noureddine


Ibrahim Noureddine obtained his BA and Master’s degrees in Archaeology from the Lebanese University, and obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Granada-Spain and his dissertation work focused on Harbours of the central Levantine Coast from the late Bronze and Iron Age periods, the period known as the collapse of the eastern Mediterranean. Dr. Noureddine is also an adjunct professor at Carlton University- Ottawa Ontario.


Dr. Noureddine has a multiple research interests that vary from Egyptology, Maritime Archaeology, and eastern Mediterranean Bronze and Iron Age Archaeology. Since the Mid 1990’s, he has actively led and participated in Classical, Urban and underwater archaeological excavations from the early Bronze, Middle Bronze and Late Bronze Age periods in different parts of the world such as Syria: Tell Karma and Tell Kazel; Lebanon: Byblos, Beirut, Jiyeh and Tyre; and Egypt: Amenhotep III Funerary Temple-Luxor, Egypt, and Thutmosis III Funerary Temple- Luxor, Egypt. Previously, he was in charge of the Maritime archaeological center of Lebanon and identified the Phoenician sunken harbour of Tyre in south Lebanon.


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