Amina El Baroudi




Amina obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Egyptology from the American University in Cairo in 2007. She then completed her Master of Arts degree in Egyptian Archaeology and Palaeoecology from Leiden University, the Netherlands in 2011.


Amina is the Permanent Collections registrar at the Registration, Collections Management and Documentation Department at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. She has been part of the project since its instigation by the American Research Center in Egypt in 2007.

Her fieldwork includes excavation at Deir El Barsha (KU Leuven University), collation and documentation of the temple of Ramesses II in Abydos (NYU-ARCE), and the study and documentation of objects found in the Giza magazine that were excavated by Ahmed Fakhry at Dahshur. She has also been involved as a digital illustrator in several projects such as the Dahshur excavations (German Archaeological Institute), a project for the study of the Sokar and Nefertum chapels in the Seti I temple at Abydos (University of Cologne and the German Archaeological Institute), and the digitization of the Fatimid cemetery graffiti in Aswan (German Archaeological Institute).

Amina joined the Thutmosis III temple project in 2013 carrying out documentation and database management work.