Master in Archaeology

The Master Degree in Archaeology of the Universities of Granada and Seville has an essentially professional focus, aimed at fulfilling the demand for qualified archaeologists within the fields of heritage protection and research. The training of qualified archaeologists has become an important factor in the creation of sustainable development in many areas. These professionals can be integrated into archaeological consulting, assisting with the pressures of land development upon archaeological resources, or equally they are able to integrate into museums, research and documentation centres, and other institutions related to heritage management.

Traditionally, graduates in Archaeology receive rudimentary theoretical training with very little practical experience, leaving them without the means to get a professional qualification. To remedy this, many are forced to volunteer on community or rescue excavations, unless employers provide them with dedicated training strategies.

This Masters course aims to avoid these problems, with specific study programs related to Cultural Resource Management, Museums, and Consulting.  The course is grounded in academic principles, continuing with work placements at various heritage institutions, before gaining valuable experience on field excavations. However, a participation in different grant programs (FPU and FPI grants from different institutions, National Mobility, Erasmus Scholarship, Grants AECI) will be necessary for these activities, especially considering that the Masters program is open to international students, and that exchanges of students between the two universities (Granada and Seville) must be improved.

The training sequence of the Masters Degree in Archaeology offered by the universities of Granada and Seville includes the option to specialize in one of two areas: professional cultural heritage resource management or scientific research. All students must complete a number of core modules before continuing onto one of the specialized pathways.

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