New discovery at Thutmose III's temple in Luxor

During the ninth archaeological field season the joint Spanish-Egyptian mission led by Dr. Myriam Seco Álvarez, that is working in the temple of Millions of Years of Thutmose III, has made a great discovery. Outside the southern enclosure wall of the temple an previously unknown tomb has been discovered. It housed a very deteriorated wooden coffin. It contained, however, a beautiful mummy cartonnage in a very good condition.

A preliminary study has determined the name and title of the owner of the tomb: Servant of the King’s House, Amenrenef. The ensemble dates to the so-called “Third Intermediate Period” (1070–712 BC). An in-depth study of the object, its owner and its chronology is to be undertaken very soon.

The cartonnage preserves almost its complete polychrome painted decoration and inscriptions with some of the most characteristic symbols and elements of the ancient Egyptian religion: Solar symbols, the protective goddesses Isis and Nephthys with spread wings, hawks and the four sons of Horus are among these elements which were executed in artisanal quality of the highest order on this extraordinary mummy cartonnage.